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Island Retreats presents the perfect opportunity to instill health and wellbeing in the work place. Our non-residential corporate day retreats are run by some of the island’s very best health and fitness professionals. Our days are designed to be fun, yet educational, whilst motivating and building team morale.


Wellbeing at work

Increasingly, wellbeing at work is understood to be a business critical issue. Workforces that are healthy and happy contribute to a growing economy in a virtuous cycle of reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, leading to greater business productivity.

The facts around adult physical health are startling for both employers and for public health. By 2030, the NHS estimates that 48% of men and 43% of women will be obese. Already, 3.3 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK (2014), and by 2025 it is estimated this will rise to 5 million.


Mental health is now the largest cause of absence at work

Since the 1990s, mental health has been recognised as area of concern for workplace wellbeing. Mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, with more than 15 million absence days attributed to stress, anxiety and depression in 2013, and also accounts for a significant percentage of presenteeism.    

The need for employers to invest in health (both physical and mental) and wellbeing in a strategic and proactive way is clear. A healthy, engaged and resilient workforce is more productive and profitable in terms of efficiency, customer relations, team working loyalty and retention, and sustainable performance. Most business leaders know instinctively that a happy, healthy workforce is a productive workforce, yet many still treat employee wellness and engagement as an ‘optional extra’ rather than as an integral part of the way they do business.


Typical day example

9am: Breakfast

We provide a healthy balanced breakfast developed by a local nutritionist and educate attendees on the importance of having a healthy balanced breakfast before the working day, to aid in concentration and overall wellbeing. We also provide nutritional advice and recipes on what a healthy breakfast constitutes.

10am: Beach Fitness Event (team building)

Our team strengthening class will invigorate the workforce, develop critical thinking and get hearts racing and endorphins pumping. We focus on the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle whilst allowing employees to socialize in a healthy atmosphere.

12.30: Lunch & Learn (Wellbeing & Performance Workshop)

We provide a nutritional and delicious lunch and allow attendees to benefit from the expertise of one of our wellbeing practitioners, who will deliver an informative talk on wellbeing and performance both relevant to work and family life.

Mindfulness practice

The benefits of mindfulness have been continually praised in recent years, and our practice will give employees a take-home routine they can repeat at home and at work.

2.30pm: Group Kayak Tour

There is no better de-stress than to get out into nature, and our exhilarating kayak tour helps to round off a day of health based focus and team building.